Learning and Change Management: Strategy, Design and Implementation

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Myth Busters

These are persistent myths about learning and/or change ...

and specific and actionable suggestions so ...

you can be a 'myth-buster' in your organization!


Everyone knows what e- learning is.

e-Learning means different things to different people. And, their expectations for the e-learning you are providing to them are set by the definition that is in their minds, not yours.

Define e-learning for your organization - now. Publish and distribute this definition. Put it on your Intranet. Put it on the portal to your LMS. Put it at the beginning of every e-learning course. Put it in every presentation you make. Broadcast it widely. Repeat it often.

Communication is about telling and convincing.

True communication is a two- way process that leads to understanding and action. All too often organizations spend the majority of their time, efforts and resources on the one-way process of marketing communication (or marcom). While informational activities are necessary - and everyone enjoys trinkets and T-shirts - alone they are not sufficient.

Create a wholistic change-communications program that includes these three phases:

  1. Information phase - focus on developing awareness
  2. Involvement phase - focus on creating engagement
  3. Integration phase - focus on generating long-term commitment



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