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February 2006

Dear Lance,

Welcome to the inaugural issue of the D-Letter.

As my practice has grown and diversified, I'm often asked, "So Lance, what are you doing now?" Or, "You've been in this industry a while, what do you think we should be thinking about?" In the D-Letter I'll keep you up-to- date on what I'm up to. I'll explore the latest trends and offer my insights on what separates fact from fiction, myth from truth, and hype from reality. And, I'll point you in the direction of interesting people, events, and resources.

Thank you for joining me. As always, I welcome your comments and feedback.

in this issue
  • Lance Dublin
  • What's In A Name
  • Free Webinar Series Starts February 7th!
  • Isn't it time to 'tune-up' your e-learning program?

  • What's In A Name

    I am a firm believer in the power of one’s brand. With over 30 years of experience in learning, change and organizational development, I've had the opportunity to personally work with thousands of people and hundreds of organizations. I've also met countless others through my speaking engagements at industry and related conferences.

    I'm proud that the 'Dublin' name has become associated with working closely with clients to creatively solve problems and produce measurable results. So I've decided that DUBLIN CONSULTING best describes who I am and what I do.

    Free Webinar Series Starts February 7th!

    I am pleased to invite you to join me in my Winter Webinar Series, Putting Theory Into Practice: How-To Ensure Your Success with E- Learning, hosted by Elluminate. These are highly interactive and fun one-hour events (2:00pmEST) - and they are FREE! Tell your colleagues. Register now from the Quick Links.

    Tuesday, February 7th -– Are You Setting Your Sights Too Low? How to Develop an Effective e- Learning Strategy

    Thursday, March 9th -- What the Experts Don’t Tell You About Implementing Your LMS: How to Develop an Effective Communications/Change Management Program

    Wednesday, April 12th -– Are You Prepared for an Uncertain Future? How to Align Your Organization’s Learning Strategies with it’s Learning Needs

    Isn't it time to 'tune-up' your e-learning program?

    No doubt about it. If you owned an expensive car (like the BMW M3 here) you would regularly take it in for a tune-up. You'd make sure it was running at peak performance. Shouldn’t you do the same with your e-learning program?

    I know companies everywhere are trying to do more with less. The way to put off major purchases is getting more out of what you’ve got, spending a little on ‘preventive maintenance’ and increased performance rather than a lot on new programs or more ‘options’. A relatively small investment can produce significant results!

    Lance Dublin

    I have been an advocate for innovative approaches to learning and change throughout my career. I went from designing a week long ‘Experiment in Free Form Education’ program in high school to co- founding one of the nation’s first fully accredited ‘University Without Walls’. Then recognizing the impact of new user-centered technologies on the intersection of people, business and learning, I founded and built Dublin Group, a company which became a leader in improving individual and organizational performance and implementing large-scale change.

    I'm now an independent management consultant, international speaker, and author based in San Francisco, California and serving clients world-wide. I specialize in strategy development, program design, and implementation for corporate learning programs, organizational development interventions, and organizational change management initiatives.

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