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Summer 2006

Dear Lance,

Welcome to the Summer issue of the D- Letter.

I hope you are enjoying your summer wherever you are and whatever you are doing. Summer is truly the time to relax and recharge. But, summer is also the time to start planning and preparing for a productive fall.

In this issue I want you to consider what Americans are really doing on their vacations in the Facts for Thought section, invite you to join me in the upcoming Fall "Let's Get Serious" webinar series, point you to a couple of recent articles, share with you my new title, alert you to upcoming Fall events, and remind you to participate in a wonderful and fun contest.

Thank you for joining me. As always, I welcome your comments and feedback. Don't hold back.

My best,

in this issue
  • On My Mind
  • Facts for Thought
  • Let's Get Serious - Introducing My Fall Webinar Series
  • Upcoming Fall Events
  • What's A Chief Solution Architect?
  • What We Have Here is A Failure to Communicate ...
  • 'What I Did on My Summer Vacation' Contest
  • Continuous Improvement at DublinConsulting.Net

  • Facts for Thought

    "You can't solve tomorrow's problems with the thinking of today." Albert Einstein

    • The number of Americans who work during their vacation has nearly doubled in the last decade
    • Laptop computers have replaced the cell phone as most the useful tool for working on holiday
    • 43% of office workers work on vacation, compared with 23% in 1995
    • 1 in 4 employees spend 3+ hours working during vacation
    • 10% cited an 'inability to relax until things were taken care of'
    • 41% said their laptop computer made it easiest to work on holiday, followed by their cell phone, PC and Blackberry
    • In 1995, most people cited their cell phone first, then their beeper, fax machince, laptop and PC
    • 61% of Americans use all of the vacation time they have coming to them; 39% do not
    Souce: Opinion Research Survey, 2006

    I invite you to submit your own facts for thought to be included in this section. Email them to me at

    Let's Get Serious - Introducing My Fall Webinar Series
    webinar 2

    It's time to really get serious about learning in today's world ... to separate out fact from fiction, truth from myth, cutting edge from bleeding edge, hype and hyberbole from what's real. In this three-part webinar series, we'll delve into:
    > learning architectures - putting all the pieces together for a comprehensive learning solution
    > learning technologies - leveraging technology to enable, extend and enhance learning in powerful ways
    > implementation - ensuring your learners, managers and organization get the true benefit from your e-learning

    • September 20th - Let's Get Serious About Learning Architectures: Building the Foundation for Learning and Performance in Your Organization
    • October 26th - Let's Get Serious About Learning Technologies: What’s Hot, What’s Not, and Why
    • November 15th - Let’s Get Serious About Implementation: Getting Real Returns from Your e- Learning Investment

    All webinars start at 2:00pm EST, are 60 minutes in length -- and are FREE. I look forward to 'seeing' you online.

    Upcoming Fall Events
    elliot stan lance

    The Fall is a great time to get away from your desk, out of your office, and even out of your state to join me and your colleagues at one or more of these valuable conferences.

    • September 10th-13th: Workplace Performance 2006 in Las Vegas
    • September 14th-16th: ISPI Fall Instructional Systems Conference in Orlando
    • October 23rd-25th: Training Solutions in Denver
    • November 5th-8th: Learning 2006 in Orlando

      I hope to see you in one of my sessions as I look forward to meeting you there, in-person!

    What's A Chief Solution Architect?
    lance tk04

    A Chief Solutions Architect is someone who applies strategic thinking and design to:

    e-learning. organizational change. program implementation. knowledge management. communications. instructional design. learning. change management. LMS/learning management systems. LCMS. learning architecture. change leadership. strategy. program development. training. organizational development. stakeholder assessment. internal marketing. change implementation. organizational redesign. education. executive coaching. integrated performance support. curriculum design.problem solving.

    What We Have Here is A Failure to Communicate ...

    For us baby boomers, there are few better- recognized quotes. I find that many people who have never even heard of “Cool Hand Luke” can utter these words with authenticity. Reviewers have pointed out that as this movie arrived in the late 1960s, a whole generation of non-conformists was rebelling against the status quo, the “establishment.” Well, fellow non-conformists, it is time we now rise up and make our voices heard loud and clear: analysis, design, content, and development are all important, but really -
    it’s all about the people, stupid!

    'What I Did on My Summer Vacation' Contest
    Flowers Nepal

    I'm pleased to announce the first annual Dublin Consulting 'What I Did on My Summer Vacation' Contest!

    Where are your plans for this summer? What exotic locales, fascinating explorations, daring adventures, or just good ol' family fun do you have planned?

    The contest is simple:

    1. Have a great summer vacation.
    2. At the end of your vacation send me an email with a picture of yourself enjoying, exploring, adventuring, relaxing
    3. Include a one paragraph description/explanation

    In September I'll post all of the pictures on and we'll vote on a winner. The winner will receive a signed copy of my book "Implementing e-Learning" and earn bragging rights.

    Continuous Improvement at DublinConsulting.Net

    Work continues. Please take a look and give me your feedback on how I can make the site more informative and more useful to you.

    Also, this is another reminder that I’m changing my email address to make it easier for you and others to reach me. From now on please send email to me at:

    On My Mind

    For the past couple of years many of us have been calling Google the world's best e-learning application. As I'm sure you've experienced for yourself, Google puts at your fingertips - in a matter of seconds - links to the information you are seeking in the form you like the best (i.e., text, still images, graphics, video, sound). And, if you follow all of the Os at the bottom of the screen, you are presented with more and more screens of links to more and more information to check out.

    Well, lo and behold, Google may no longer deserve this lofty acknowledgement. There is a new 'kid-on- the-block' (a reference I'm not sure many kids now get ... is there a block in the virtual world of text messages, cell phones, and the Internet?). The site is called Medstory.

    Medstory is a consumer research product that helps you to navigate around health and medicine. But, it does it with a difference. With Google you get links which you then have to read and determine what's important. But, Medstory does the hard work for you. It returns results that are deeper, more useful and sorted more logically. Medstory mixes traditional algorithm search technology with a computerized editing function that links documents with similar concepts, creating what the experts call "an intelligent Web" experience.

    Imagine this same technology for a wider domain of knowledge ... intelligent e-learning. Wow!

    I welcome your reactions and thoughts.

    Check out Medstory for yourself....
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