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September/October 2006

Dear Lance,

Welcome to the combined September/October issue of the D-Letter. I hope you had a wonderful summer and are having a productive beginning to the fall.

This issue spans two months because I will be out-of- the country for the next four weeks and, believe it or not, in places where the Internet is just not yet part of the daily life. I am going to Tibet to complete two pilgrimages – one around Lake Mansarovar and the other around Mt. Kailash.

In this issue I also want you to join me in wishing the disk drive a happy birthday in the Facts for Thought section, invite you to two upcoming "Let's Get Serious" webinars, alert you to upcoming Fall events, remind you that this is the ‘last call’ to participate in my ‘what-did-I-do-this-summer’ contest, and continue to define what it is that I do for my clients.

Thank you for joining me. As always, I welcome your comments and feedback. Don't hold back.

My best,

in this issue
  • On My Mind
  • Facts for Thought
  • Free Webinars - September 20th and October 26th
  • Upcoming Fall Events
  • Pilgrimage to Tibet
  • 'What I Did on My Summer Vacation' Contest: FINALS
  • Chief Solution Architect At Your Service

  • Facts for Thought

    "You can't solve tomorrow's problems with the thinking of today." Albert Einstein

    • The first hard drive (RAMAC) was 'delivered' on September 13, 1956, weighed in at 2,140 lbs and stored 5 megabytes of data
    • Today, a video iPod weighs 5.5 ounces and holds up to 60 gigabytes of data
    • In 1956, the RAMAC cost $50,000, or $10, 000 per MB
    • Today, a GB of storage on a 3.5 inch hard drive can cost less than 50 cents

    I invite you to submit your own facts for thought to be included in this section. Email them to me at

    Free Webinars - September 20th and October 26th
    webinar 2

    It's time to really get serious about learning in today's world ... to separate out fact from fiction, truth from myth, cutting edge from bleeding edge, hype and hyberbole from what's real. Please join me in these fun and informative webinars:

    • September 20th - Let's Get Serious About Learning Architectures: Building the Foundation for Learning and Performance in Your Organization
    • October 26th - Let's Get Serious About Learning Technologies: What’s Hot, What’s Not, and Why

    Both webinars start at 2:00pm EST, are 60 minutes in length -- and are FREE. I look forward to 'seeing' you online.

    Upcoming Fall Events
    elliot stan lance

    The Fall is a great time to get away from your desk, out of your office, and even out of your state to join me and your colleagues at one or more of these valuable conferences.

    • October 23rd-25th: Training Solutions in Denver
    • November 5th-8th: Learning 2006 in Orlando
    • November 9th: PA/DE/NJDLA 4th Annual Conference & Expo in Malvern (PA)

    Pilgrimage to Tibet
    Mt. Kailash

    In celebration of my 55th birthday I am joining a small band of modern day pilgrims on a journey in Tibet. We will be completing two pilgrimages.

    The first is around Lake Mansarovar. According to Hindu mythology, Mansarovar is a creation of Lord Brahma, the God of Creation. The sons of Lord Brahma lacked a sufficient site to perform rites, so they called Brahma, their holy Father, for help. As a result, Mansarovar was created. A ritual bath will deliver a pilgrim to Brahm's paradise, is believed to bring about salvation and a drink of its water relinquishes the sins of a hundred lifetimes.

    The second is around Mt. Kailash, believed to have been formed 30 million years ago when the Himalayas were in their early stage of formation. It is one of the most revered places in the Himalayas as it is considered to be the 'Center of the Universe' by Hindus, Buddhists, Jain and Bonpo and its flanks give birth to four great Asian rivers the Indus , Brahmaputra , Ganges and Sutlej. One circumambulation around the holy mountain assures you freedom from the sins of a life time. And, if you complete 108 circumambulations, you are assured enlightenment. (But did I tell you that there is a 19,000 foot pass you must cross along your way?!)

    I plan on taking lots of pictures and will share them - and the stories of this wonderful adventure - with you upon my return.

    'What I Did on My Summer Vacation' Contest: FINALS
    Flowers Nepal

    Now is the time to send in your contest entries. A winner will be picked soon!!

    The contest is simple:

    1. Have a great summer vacation.
    2. At the end of your vacation send me an email with a picture of yourself enjoying, exploring, adventuring, relaxing
    3. Include a one paragraph description/explanation

    The winner will receive a signed copy of my book "Implementing e-Learning" and earn bragging rights.

    Chief Solution Architect At Your Service
    lance tk04

    A Chief Solutions Architect is someone who applies strategic thinking and design to:

    e-learning. organizational change. program implementation. knowledge management. communications. instructional design. learning. change management. LMS/learning management systems. LCMS. learning architecture. change leadership. strategy. program development. training. organizational development. stakeholder assessment. internal marketing. change implementation. organizational redesign. education. executive coaching. integrated performance support. curriculum design.problem solving.

    On My Mind

    “Follow the work.”

    At a recent conference where I had the pleasure of keynoting alongside of him, process guru Geary Rummler kept repeating that phrase over and over and over. He was making the point that you need to really focus on the work if you want to improve business results. Well, that got me to thinking.

    What if we – as learning professionals – ‘followed the learning’ in our organizations? What if we really expanded our horizon beyond making the learning as we know it more efficient (i.e., doing it cheaper and faster)? Or, even beyond making it more effective (i.e., doing it better)?

    What if we really ‘followed the learning’ to look at how we can transform it – to do what’s never been done before, to really impact business results? What might that look like? Novices being experts. On-time, every-time performance. Learning-at-the-speed-of- work. Learning-at-the-speed-of-life.

    After all, isn’t that what you see if you ‘follow the learning?’ You see people learning all of the time, in every way possible, with and without technology, with and without teachers and experts, at different speeds, and using different styles.

    Isn’t it our job then as learning professionals to find ways to enable, extend and enhance this learning when it happens, where it happens and how it happens?

    I have some ideas about this that I’ll share with you in the next D-Letter. Stay tuned.

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