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April 2006

Dear Lance,

Welcome to the April issue of the D- Letter.

In this issue look for the new feature, Straight Talk which will contain my rants, raves, reflections and ramblings on topics important to my work with clients. Check out this week's webinar, the new Spring webinar series - and a special follow-up webinar to last month's session on implementing your LMS. Accept my invitation to send me your 'factoids for thought'. Due to your unprecedented response, I'm continuing the free offer. (Why not take advantage of it, it's free!) And, I'm introducing two new features to my website, downloads and a blog.

Thank you for joining me. As always, I welcome your comments and feedback; don't hold back.

My best, Lance

in this issue
  • Straight Talk
  • Factoids for Thought
  • April 12th Webinar: Are You Prepared for an Uncertain Future? How to Align Your Organizations' Learning Strategies with itís Learning Needs
  • By Popular Demand: What the Experts Don't Tell You About Implementing Your LMS - Part 2!
  • Spring Webinar Series
  • Free Consulting!!
  • Coming Soon: Downloads & a Blog

  • Factoids for Thought

    "You can't solve tomorrow's problems with the thinking of today." Albert Einstein

    Did you know?

  • There were 5.3 billion web searches in February 2006 (up from 3.8 billion in February 2205)
  • Googles' share of these searches is 48.5%
  • Yahoo!s' share of these searches is 22.5%
  • MSN and AOL combined share is 17.3%
      Source: Nielsen/NetRatings, March 2006

      I invite you to submit your own factoids for thought to be included in this section. Email them to me at

    • April 12th Webinar: Are You Prepared for an Uncertain Future? How to Align Your Organizations' Learning Strategies with itís Learning Needs
      webinar 2

      Your organizations' needs are constantly changing. But, since no one can truly predict the future how then do you prepare for it? Organizations need to have a range of learning options available that include the more traditional instructor-led training, mentoring and coaching, but also technology-enabled learning (e-learning), blended learning, and new learning approaches as games and simulations, informal learning, blogs and wikis, and new forms of "learning-at-the-speed of work".

      Itís important therefore to understand your options so that you can best leverage them to meet your future challenges. In this session youíll learn how to: recognize the key stages in your organizationís learning evolution; know when itís time to transition to the next stage; and, what it will take to make that transition successful. This is the session for those of you who are now ready to take a serious look at your organizationís learning Ďjourneyí: where youíve been, where you want to go in the future, whatís new and whatís coming, and what youíll need to do to get there.

      I look forward to seeing you online in this webinar on Wednesday, April 12th from 2:00-3:00pmEST. Register now from the Quick Links.

      By Popular Demand: What the Experts Don't Tell You About Implementing Your LMS - Part 2!

      What the Experts Donít Tell You About Implementing Your LMS: The Thinking Behind Effective Communication/Change Programs is the sequel to my webinar on "What the Experts Don't Tell You About Implementing Your LMS."

      In the first part we looked at three very different case studies of LMS implementations. In this part we will explore the thinking and conceptual framework behind the techniques and approaches for change management, communications, and consumer marketing applied in each of these cases.

      Join me online on Tuesday, April 25th from 2:00 - 3:00pmEST. Register now from the Quick Links.

      Spring Webinar Series

      I'm pleased to announce my Spring Webinar Series. Each of the three webinars in this series will be focused on de-mystifying some aspect of e-learning. For more information on each one, click on the Quick Links. Also, I'll be sending you additional information in the May and June D-Letters.

      Here's the series schedule:

      • May 11th: De-Mystifying Applying New Trends - Games & Simulations, M-Learning, Informal Learning
      • May 25th: De-Mystifying Developing an All- Encompassing Learning Strategy Ė From Instructor- led training to Blended Learning to e-Learning & Beyond
      • June 7th: De-Mystifying Implementing Your LMS/LCMS

      I look forward to seeing you online. All of these webinars are from 2:00-3:00pmEST. Register now from the Quick Links.

      Free Consulting!!

      Who doesn't want something for free? I'm continuing my offer of one hour of consulting - at no charge - to each and every subscriber to the D-Letter. Use me as your consultant to explore any of the current issues you are having with your e-learning -- Low enrollments? High drop-out rates? Learner resistance? Manager apathy? Lack of senior management support? Interested in e-Learning 2.0? Want to know about blogs and wikis, informal learning, games and simulations?

      Give me a call or send me an email and let's schedule a time and day to talk. I'd love to hear about your victories and your struggles. And, I'd welcome the opportunity to help you make your e-learning programs and initiatives even more successful.

      Coming Soon: Downloads & a Blog

      Within the month I will introduce two new features to my website: downloads and a blog. You will be able to download copies of my presentations and articles directly from my website. And, I will be joining the world of bloggers with my own blog. Check it out!

      Straight Talk

      I just returned from the Masie Center's LMS 2006 User Group event. Over 450 people gathered in a beautiful resort in Las Vegas to discuss learning management systems and learning content management systems - and hopefully catch a glimpse of former President Bill Clinton and his daughter, Chelsea, who were also at the resort (but not for this event, if you had to ask).

      What struck me was the profound sense of deja vu. Deja vu that once again the conversation was focussed on the technology. I remember much the same conversations when we moved from mainframe to client server applications and then to enterprise resource planning systems and then to web applications. Technology. Systems. Software. It's as if we hadn't really learned the major lesson from these oh-so-many many years of hard experience:

      "The 'hard' stuff is easy, it's the 'soft' stuff that's difficult."

      What's difficult is not getting it to technically work. That's just frustrating. What's difficult is to get individuals enaged with the system, managers motivated to support it, and the organization energized to fully integrate it into everyday operations; to make it 'just the way we do things around here'.

      I welcome your reactions and thoughts.

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